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Sunday, August 27, 2006

What a great day

Thanks very much to everyone who turned up to race or just spectate yesterday. 70 people turned up and 17 cars raced. The police did a drive by but were nice enough not to enquire.

The winners were:
  • Overall Distance winner : Simon, "The finger".
  • People's Choice winner(s): Sandy "McSketchy" and Vikki "Rocketcar"
  • with special kudos to Monarch the dog and the kids who raced
There were many highlights: dogs launching races, the final show down between the top 3 cars to decide the over all winner, the wilting rocket car, the brass detailing on the finger... so much greatness.

Thanks to the racers:
  • Ivy "Ivy's Car"
  • Eddy "Wocketcar"
  • Austin "Lightning 1 + 2"
  • Me "The Farm" and "Son of Natural"
  • Phil "Wheel"
  • Simon "The Finger"
  • Simon "Milk Crate with Tonka"
  • Sandy "Fyling"
  • Sandy "McSketchy"
  • Will "Bullet of Death"
  • Mark, "The Can, Man"
  • John, "Hover Car" (broken)
  • Wombi, "Rocket Shamen"
  • Vikki, "Rocket Car"
  • Monarch (the dog) "Scoobie Doo"
  • Marty "Not banned yet"


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