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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Rocketcarday Seven Announced

Ladies and Gentlemen
My swollen heart is bubbling with excitement to announce that Rocketcar Day Seven has a date.
Book in for Sunday August 27th 2006 in an industrial alley near you for the next installment of the worlds most tiny-cars-powered-by-rockets event... Rocketcar Day.
We are not doing Newcastle Electrofringe this year due to stuff, so pour all of your creation and attendance credits into this badboy.

Included features:
remote control helicopter camera
all new-rocketcars (no re-running old-cars chaps)
old-timey logo with inspirational message
a live broadcast musical simulcast on FBi (all rocket themed songs and announcing etc)
more greatness provided by YOU

Meanwhile I have entirely voided my bowels with the arrival of the extremely awesome Rocketcar Day 666 t-shirts at last with the haunting sexy-devil-racing-chick sitting atop “Evil just got Eviller”. These are available at a sweet 25 bucks (which is nothing in the scheme of things) and all proceeds go to this years remote control helicopter camera.

So, if you have already ordered one, your order is in and I can post it out to you if you give me cash and postal details. If you haven’t, set your wallet to stun and email me your size.


Blogger gherkin said...

where exactly is this event held?

7:27 AM  
Blogger mook said...

it's usually held in the back streets of marrickvile, sydney at a secret location to be disclosed closer to the time (but is Sydney Steel Lane, MArrickville).

3:40 PM  

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